Phase Change: Act III (2019, installation, video run time 7:28)

The third of a three part year long installation. Act III is staircase, unpaving itself in pursuit of becoming. We transform the tools and structure salvaged from the city (act I) to build our own pathway, defining for ourselves what is valuable, useful, and liberating. Patterns form, however, and convention sets in. What was once dynamic and new becomes frozen in repetition. Following our path rather than forging it, we become subservient to the rules that we ourselves created. But liberation is within reach. Tools can again and again have joyous purpose, or no purpose at all. A route headed into stale air can explode. Through childish acts of creative destruction, we can transform. This state will not last, but it will always be there, around a corner, across a plane, beneath rubble. It will be repressed, restricted, covered up, but will never be absent. The ice may not melt, but it can be cracked.